Old Mill High School West

Project Description

Denver-Elek has been contracted to provide Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing, Life Safety Systems, and associated specialties for the construction of the new Old Mill High School West in Millersville. Construction on this $162M new school began in April, 2021.  When completed the school will be over 312,000 gsf.  The scope of work includes installing Mechanical HVAC systems, Plumbing systems, Water Treatment systems, mechanical Life Safety Systems, and Automatic Control Systems in a ground up build of this new school. Life Safety systems include furnishing and installing chilled and heater water systems, plumbing systems and controls, and pressurized air systems for delivery and maintenance of water sources. Included in the HVAC Scope was supplying and installing Air Handling, Humidification/Dehumidification Equipment and controls, chillers, boilers, and associated systems, to serve the classroom and common areas of the school, along with associated ductwork and air distribution systems. HVAC and Plumbing work were provided to classrooms, office areas, common and specialty learning areas.  The new school is scheduled to be open in August 2024.

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